AMGLISH - Two nations divided by a common language, is now available as an eBook and paperback - available at and other fine online bookshops around the world.

The AMGLISH Dictionary - An English Language Survival Guide for Transatlantic Voyagers, is now available in paperback and will shortly be also available as an eBook .

Amglish Two Nations Divided By A Common Language



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AMGLISH: Two Nations Divided by a Common Language

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The AMGLISH Dictionary: An English Language Survival Guide for Transatlantic Voyagers

Spanish-Americans have Spanglish; Indian Hindi speakers have Hinglish; Singaporean slang is known as Singlish and inaccurate use of English in China is known as Chinglish. But the biggest variation of English is the one spoken by over 300 million Americans: AMGLISH. With hundreds of different words, spellings and pronunciations, the capacity for Americans and Brits to misunderstand each other is immense. For a Brit relocating to the United States, becoming fluent in American-English is a real challenge. So now, British newspaper and radio journalist (and longtime US resident) Mike Powell, presents two books on the subject for those who mistakenly thought we were two nations united by a common language.

The original volume, which contains numerous cultural essays, as well as dictionary-style lists of the words that divide us is called AMGLISH: Two Nations Divided by a Common Language; but now there is also a 286 page abridged version, based just on the dictionary section of the original book. The slimmer volume, called The AMGLISH Dictionary, is ideal to take with you on a plane or a ship - something to study while you are making that Transatlantic voyage!

ENGLISH: The world's lingua franca

English has become the world’s premier lingua franca: the international language of business, science, aviation and diplomacy. But as many international travelers will confirm, just because you can speak one regional brand of English, it is no guarantee that you will understand (or be understood by) speakers of another.  From the Queen’s English to Cockney; from Hinglish to Strine; from Singlish to Pidgin; the world has many varieties of English. But there is one version more important than any other – if you want to be a true player on the world stage – and that is the version spoken by most Americans: AMGLISH.

The original book, AMGLISH: Two Nations Divided by a Common Language, is a light-hearted examination of the origin of American words, customs and sports – particularly those which were brought to the New World, from the Old World. On the basis that the United States and the United Kingdom are said to be two nations divided by a common language, AMGLISH investigates how and when some of those linguistic and cultural divisions occurred. If you would just like the 286-page AMGLISH Dictionary, that still contains masses of fun and informative information as well as thousands of entries showing the differences between words, phrases and idiom on either side of the Atlantic.